Scratch Showdown is a heads up battle game designed to promote original characters (OC) and their creators within the Scratch community. We encourage all the talented creators out there to add their OCs into the Battle arena (Coming soon...)!

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Mystic, Mythic, and Cryptic are on a walk.

Cryptic: What is that?

A bat creature and a cat creature come out of the circle portal thing in the sky.

The bat creature has thrown the cat creature to the ground.

The cat being was thrown into Mystic and her friends.

Cryptic and Mythic are flung out and Mystic says: "What HAVE YOU DONE!"

So the battle begins...

Top Scratchers

Most Wins

  1. SuperJet888

  2. mitnerd

Coming soon....

Top OCs

  1. Mystic

  2. SuperCat

  3. Mythic

  4. Cryptic

Coming soon....